2017 Accommodation Rates

Barkley Hall Daily Rates (1-5 Days)

Standard Room - $70 per day

Large Room - $75 per day

Ensuite Room - $86 per day

Barkley Hall Weekly Rates

Rates per week                    Standard Room                    Large Room                    Ensuite Room

1st week                                   $385                                          $413                                   $469

2nd week                                 $315                                          $336                                   $385

3rd week                                  $266                                          $294                                  $329

4th - 23rd week                    $231                                          $245                                   $294

24th week onwards            $210                                          $224                                  $259

Barkley Hall Rental Bond

Bond for stay of 1 to 4 months                    $200

Bond for stay of 5+ months                           $500

Accommodation Bond 

Bond for stay of one to four months                    $200

Bond for stay of five months plus                         $500

The Bond may be regunded upon vacating providing a two week notive of intention to leave is given and the room is left in a satisfactory condition.

Where further cleaning or repairs are necessary part or all of the Bond may be retained.

**Rates include self-serve breakfast (daily) & communal dinner (Monday-Friday)**