Life at Barkley Hall

We have a friendly and happy environment of community living in Barkley Hall that is a home away from home. We want every member of our community to be growing in all aspects of life: knowledge, wisdom, belief, service and love. There's joking around, being there for each other, being considerate and thoughtful, as well as no shortage of deep and meaningful conversations and on occasion celebrating one another's achievements.

After the busyness of a day at Uni it's great to come together to the evening meal to talk and share. Playing table tennis to unwind and expend some energy is a "smashing hit". Students can relax and mooch around in the residence lounge rooms where there are games to play and TV. 

House Parents

Barkley Hall's house parents Stuartt and Tamara live on-site and facilitate over the operation of the residence. It is their goal to welcome and integrate new residents amongst the community and bring a friendly home environment to the accommodation. As both Stuartt and Tamara have lived overseas in other countries, they are familiar and empathetic to the surroundings of new languages, cultures and people with the understanding that it’s difficult to be in a culture that is not your own. Their other roles include pastoral care as required, oversee devotions and duty rosters for evening meals and provide after-hours assistance to any needs the students might have.